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Our design studio and workshop is a place where you can order an author's project with exclusive manufacture of decorative elements.

We widely use live and preserved plants, furniture and other attributes of organic style. We have our own supplies, manufacture and prices that will please you.

Biophilia - decor and interiors that combine love (philia) to the nature (bio).
We are refinement, quality and environmental friendliness in every detail and interior!

Welcome to the interior design and decor studio Biophilia!

эко мебель, мебель для дома, аксессуары для дома, мебель ручной работы киев, брендированная мебель киев, экологичная мебель киев, домашний декор киев, мебельная мастерская киев
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Moss wall design installed on the concrete wall with wood metal furniture.
Living wall 250 sq.ft. with backlights and automatic irrigation system.
Moss textures of Biophilic interior.
Bathroom decoration with preserved reindeer moss.
Green panels with natural plants and automatic irrigation system.
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Biophilic - healthy, harmonious and ultra-modern space.


Interior design of residential, office and work areas using the Bali collection is proximity to nature, which is created by living elements – plants, moss, stone, wood, bricks.

Natural materials are ideal for decorating room, workspaces, streets, commercial pavilions and zones in large shopping centers.

We offer unique, author's green phytowalls, live and stabilized plants - from flowers to ferns and so on.

Our design studio will design a sketch, visualize, and the workshop will implement any your concept.

Mirrors: there are never too many mirrors.
In this collection we include in the interior design not only unique, original elements from mirror but also plants, flowers, natural stones and even water areas.

The decor of the interior with mirrors will add a priori volume, make the rooms larger and free. And green areas nearby will create the feeling of being in a mini garden.

The design of rooms filled with waterfalls, plants and mirrors breathes freedom and brings a little of exoticism.

Our workshop and design studio will select reflective surfaces and will properly connect them to elements of nature in any interior
The interiors of rooms filled with elements from this collection, include creations of nature and man.

These are high-tech and modern, concrete and metal combined with wood, plants, stones and water.
Our interior studio also offers futuristic decorative items - furniture and accessories.
To make an individual order
Our workshop will make an exclusive product for you at the right time, size, color, design and material. Here, your projects take firm shape.
эко мебель, мебель для дома, аксессуары для дома, мебель ручной работы киев, брендированная мебель киев, экологичная мебель киев, домашний декор киев, мебельная мастерская киев

Interior design by Biophilia

Interior design is a unique opportunity to realize your ideas, concepts and desires, to create such an appearance for living and other spaces, in which it would be pleasant and easy to stay. Through a range of measures, rooms are transformed from stylistically fragmented into one, integral and harmonious.

The author's studio Biophilia offers its services, as well as the opportunity to create a place that will combine modern, fashionable trends and natural elements - plants, natural materials, harmonious lighting and decorative, authors items.

Advantages and features of the interior design

The interior design studio allows you to considerably simplify the repair in the house, as well as to plan out all the details. The interior decor could be seen even before its implementation, the visualization of the project, will make possible to assess the appearance of a future residential or office area.

The design of the interior for the home has important advantages:

  • Originality: The creative, customized design of dwellings requires the creation of a unique style, that will not be encountered by anyone else, will be exclusive and will comply with all the wishes of the client;
  • Functionality: the design of rooms will be created not only for beauty and aesthetic pleasure, but will also be convenient and comfortable to use;
  • Safety: design for a room or house is not everything, because special attention should be paid to its safety – design of lighting, cooling systems, heating, competent zoning, which a good specialist can do;
  • Creativity: and, of course, a custom home decor always look brighter and more creative, in comparison with self-creating and decorating rooms and premises.
And of course, the design studio provides access to the best building materials, gives the possibility to order furniture, as well as author's and decorative accessories in a wide variety of styles, including ecological.

Order Interior Design at Biophilia Studio

Biophilia Design Studio is a place where you can order not only room decoration, but also global remodeling of your own home according to your taste and budget. We offer the full implementation of design projects - from creation of copyrighted drawings and visualization for the client, finishing its turnkey delivery.

We also offer to include in the interiors of rooms original, author's decorative elements - furniture, and some nice knick-knacks. All of them are made in our live workshop, and also have no analogues: the products are made in a single copy according to the sketches and the client's vision.

We have a lot of interesting solutions for interiors - from green spaces to mirror surfaces and much more. Also our specialists are ready to consult clients, answering all questions and selecting the necessary decor elements for integration with nature, and creation comfortable, ecological housing.

"We want to bring happiness and inspiration with our works. By identifying the unique request of everyone, using the universal laws of nature, we come to functional and practical solutions in the interior and individual style."
Options of delivery
эко мебель, мебель для дома, аксессуары для дома, мебель ручной работы киев, брендированная мебель киев, экологичная мебель киев, домашний декор киев, мебельная мастерская киев
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эко мебель, мебель для дома, аксессуары для дома, мебель ручной работы киев, брендированная мебель киев, экологичная мебель киев, домашний декор киев, мебельная мастерская киев
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эко мебель, мебель для дома, аксессуары для дома, мебель ручной работы киев, брендированная мебель киев, экологичная мебель киев, домашний декор киев, мебельная мастерская киев
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Delivery by post is available throughout Ukraine, Europe, USA, Russia
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These are green, lush and "living" projects that include decor created in our workshop and existing in a single, exclusive copy. All of them are ideally combined with modern styles in interior design - from art deco to classics, country, and even modern and gothic.

They are fresh moss and plants that have undergone a delicate conservation and stabilization process. During this process the sap is substituted by a compound made with glycerine which allows the plant to maintain the same feel and appearance as the fresh plant for a long time. They don't require any care and watering.

Guarantee for all our materials up to 10 years.
Mirrors are one of our favorite materials. We like them for the ability to multiply, reflect and play with the light, transmitting the mood of the interior and its details.

With help of mirror we are capable to place accents and add volume to the areas that you want to pay special attention to. The original combination of mirror surfaces with exotic plants, flowers and water will take us to a real oasis in the middle of a noisy metropolis.

Using such a non-standard solution, it will make possible to revive the space with juicy colors of greenery and fill it with freshness, to create a separate island for relaxation.

Mirrors because there are never too many of mirrors, have you noticed?

Furniture, walls, ceilings and our special feature - mirrored cereals and vases, as well as variety of other interior accessories. Mirrored details bring originality and serve as a bright accent to any interior with their novelty and originality.

Our studio and workshop will design and manufacture /import for you an individual product that harmoniously complements the interior in a biophilic (eco) style. We work only with living organic materials, or we imitate natural forms using metal, concrete.

Inspired, we create this collection unique, rational and most importantly ultramodern.
It has the depth of the water or earth element, the clarity of forms and lines and the feeling that there is nothing superfluous in the collection.

You always have the chance to feel that you are in continuous contact with nature. Wood, metal and nature itself in the form of plants are gracefully intertwined in the designs of our furniture, which ultimately represents a real art object in your interior.

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